Building win-win investment opportunities

Tap Smart Capital Through Investment Transparency

Elevate your market profile with Zero One Investment Research. Whether you’re a listed company or a privately held startup, we maximize your company’s value by creating win-win opportunities between capital and companies. Stronger investor understanding with higher transparency equates to credible and sustainable market value increase.

Investment Research Reports

Boost investor understanding through transparency. Our research maximizes your market value in a credible and sustainable manner.

Investor Engagement

Elevating your company’s market profile through Zero One’s investor distribution capabilities.

Capital Raising Advisory

Strategic consulting for faster, more successful capital raises.

Bespoke Research

Providing financial analysis and modelling to support your investment decisions.

Proprietary Investment Opportunities

Originating and structuring exclusive deal flow with institutional investors for optimal outcomes.

Corporate Governance Insights

Providing transparency and due diligence reports on targeted businesses.

Our Wild Idea -- Investment Opportunities Should Always Be Win-Win

We help amazing companies secure funding and higher long-term valuations while structuring compelling opportunities for investors at the same time. If you have a great business solving genuine market needs, Zero One will partner with you to help accelerate growth.

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A Track Record of Successful Companies

We've worked with a wide range of awesome companies, both listed and privately-held.


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Unparalleled Reach With Our Global Network

Elevate your company's profile further with our extensive investor database and distribution relationships.

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Zero One writes in-depth research focused on key value drivers of businesses, allowing investors to make informed investment decisions. Pon Van Compernolle Ross & Van Compernolle
Zero One is well-versed in connecting companies and capital. Through a well thought out and methodological reach out process, they ensure companies are connected to the right capital.Jayme Illien Illien Global